Smartway for iOS is live!

View TDOT's live traffic camera feeds on your mobile evice

Demetri Miller

3 minute read

App Store Link Just want the download link? Here ya go: Backstory As a native Nashvillian, it’s been a wild ride watching the city change. Nashville’s population is growing by about 100 people a day! With all these people has also come an increased load on the city’s transportation infrastructure. When I was commuting to work every day I found myself getting stuck in traffic multiple times a week due to wrecks, stalled vehicles, or events in town.

Pitch Detection in iOS 4.x

Learn how to perform basic pitch detection on iOS 4.x

Demetri Miller

9 minute read

Before getting started This is a post I made back on the website I had while in college. That site has since been abandoned (sorry about that), but since I’ve started a new one I thought I’d import this here for legacy purposes. There are other open source pitch detection projects out there now using more modern language constructs and I’d recommend checking those out before this. Pitch detection is a relatively common thing to do in the audio realm.