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Hey y’all! I’m Demetri Miller and I run demidev.

Like everyone else, you’re probably wondering what “demidev” means. Demidev is an amalgamation of several of my more defining traits. By nationality I’m half Greek (demi), love software development, and well, “demi” is like a shortening of my first name. The logo design is a modified Greek key made to look like two capital Ds (“ooooh, now I get it”). Totally makes sense, right? 😅

By day I work as a freelance software developer with a penchant for building and shipping great software. Currently I spend most of my time in the mobile space and (more recently) web technologies like Node and React.

Consider this my sounding board for all things I may find worth mentioning… Likely topics related to tech, sports, and music.

I’m also available for hire.

Thanks for reading!